Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is undertaken to ensure registered exercise professionals maintain and develop their knowledge, skills and competencies in line with new research, understanding and practices to deliver safe and effective exercise advice.

The purpose of completing and recording CPD is to allow exercise professionals to gain the recognition for the ongoing learning that they have undertaken.

REPs Ireland require all registered exercise professionals to undertake a minimum amount of CPD every 2 years. REPs Ireland uses a point-based system to record and document this ongoing learning and development. An exercise professional must earn 20 CPD points every 2 years by completing courses approved by REPs Ireland and producing evidence of this when renewing membership.

 To find REPs Ireland approved CPD courses, please click below *select REPs Ireland as the membership organisation in the left hand panel when searching*

The amount of REPs Ireland endorsed CPD is currently limited as the requirement for CPD to be approved is a recent introduction, with this in mind, the introduction of registered members submitting 20 CPD points every 2 years will be implemented in a phased approach. It is anticipated that the availability of REPs Ireland approved CPD courses will grow in availability to offer a wide range of opportunities and topics to exercise professionals. The types of CPD courses that will be available are as follows:

  • Assessed (8-16 CPD Points)
  • Non-Assessed (4-7 CPD Points)
  • Informal (1-3 CPD Points)
  • Event (1-2 CPD Points)

REPs Ireland will welcome approaches from all providers of CPD to gain approval and will accept CPD courses offered by training providers who have been approved through our independent partner approval company, PD: Approval.

Provision has been made for exercise professionals to gain recognition for existing CPD they may have already undertaken that is not currently REPs Ireland approved (allocated 1 CPD for every two hours)

For details on the current requirements that registered exercise professionals are required to meet, please click below.

Courses/Workshops/Conferences seeking REPs Ireland CPD endorsement

If you are organising courses, workshops, conferences or any event that you wish to seek REPs Ireland CPD approval for, please contact the office for information: 

REPs Ireland is committed to supporting a wide range and availability of CPD, and we welcome all applications. REPs Ireland is independent of all education and training providers, and once any application for CPD meets minimum requirements and standards and is approved through our independent partner approval company, PD: Approval it will be eligible for appropriate CPD points.