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A Global Perspective

Monday 23 December 2013

REPs Ireland has been working hard with our Global partners to increase the profile of registered exercise professionals.

Great progress has been made in 2013 and this will accelerate in 2014 with significant changes taking place.

REPs Ireland as a member of ICREPs, allows all registered exercise professionals the opportunity to travel to work in other ICREPs members countries. As a REPs Ireland registered exercise professional, you can get a letter or portability that will allow you to register on the professional register of the country you travel to. Otherwise you would have to complete training in that country in order to gain access to the professional register, and in many cases this is a requirement for employment.

The family of ICREPs is to continue to grow with the USA planning to become a member in 2014 it will really increase the number of registered exercise professionals globally.

Already the flobal family of registered exercise professionals is very large, with around 70,000 exercise professionals registered globally through ICREPs (International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals). Of these 27,000 are registered in Australia and 29,000 in the United Kingdom, being the two largest registers.

Closer to home, EREPs which is operated on behalf of EHFA, and is a pan european register of exercise professionals, offers direct access for exercise professionals from countries that dont have a national professional register.

REPs Ireland is the Irish national register recognised by EHFA, and as a result all registered exercise professionals on REPs Ireland are recognised by EREPs, and have tha baility to travel in Europe under EREPs if required.

In the coming years it is likely that unless you are a registered exercise professional it will become more difficult to travel and gain employment, as it will be expected that you are registered, as is the case in many other professions.

The future is bright, and the exercise profession is becoming organised at a Gobal level, which will only bring greater benefits and opportunities for our profession.


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