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Ireland Active Group Exercise Master Classes

Friday 07 November 2014

The group exercise master classes are an opportunity for exercise professionals and facility managers and education & training providers to experience and see the latest concepts in group exercise training methods and programs.

All sessions are designed for everyone to take part. Participant numbers will be limited to 20, but we will allocate classes on the day. Feel free to take part in some if not all sessions. They will also be highly informative for anyone who wishes to just observe.

These will take place between 1.45pm-5.00pm in the Ocean Fitness Leisure Facility attached to the Salthill Hotel where the conference is taking place.

Visit Ocean Fitness website.

Download brochure here.


The following Master classes will take place, and with places limited, bookings can be made for €50 to attend these master classes only. Book here now.

Other price options are available, and the master classes are included for those who are attending the full Ireland Active event. See brochure or bookings website for options, or call the Ireland Active office on 021 485 6460.

The first 3 master classes are being delivered by Body Training Systems







1.45pm - 2.15pm            Trigger Point®   (

This session will outline the main benefits and practical application of Trigger Point Products.

Anthony Lynch will take everyone through the latest thoughts on myofascial release and how the use of products can aid you in achieving better results.




2.20pm - 2.50pm              ZUU® Training (

ZUU is a registered training style based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength and endurance body weight exercises.

Blending old school methods, sports science, and proven techniques with new and innovative approaches, every workout targets all major & minor muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic & anaerobic energy systems.

2.55pm - 3.25pm              ANKORR® Training (

The unique Ankorr system allows an individual to either anchor to a fixed point and work by themselves via resistance bands or team up with a partner who can provide the resistance using bands/straps with handles provided.

Working the upper and lower body using dynamic bodyweight exercises designed by The ZUU. Individuals can spin 180 degrees through sagittal planes or 360 degrees through transverse planes while maintaining constant tension. This ‘fluid resistance’ fast tracks functional strength, mobility & conditioning like never before.

Used in elite sports & armed forces worldwide, the Ankorr system is now available to the public along with certification courses through approved distributors.

Both the ZUU & ANKORR master classes will be delivered by Keith O Neill. Keith is a Personal Trainer and operates 2 private studios in Swords, Co. Dublin.

He specializes in weight loss and body fat reduction through resistance training and healthy nutrition.
He also specializes in bodyweight training in the form of Zuu and Ankorr, the latest and innovative form of bodyweight training.

The next two master classes are being delivered by:

Visit TABATA website for more information.

3.45pm - 4.15pm       TABATA BODY(


Tabata™ Body workouts are exhilarating, intense, and scientifically proven to maximise your fitness levels in only a short amount of time.

Our instructors will lead through an energetic cardio warm up that will get you moving and your heart rate up before motivating you to deliver 4 minutes of your highest intensity, the one and only Tabata™ protocol. The session ends with a focus on the core and cool-down, as we believe having a strong core is important for stability and stretching improves flexibility for every Tabata™ Body move.

What’s more, Tabata™ Body kicks your metabolism into overdrive, meaning you reap the benefits of the work you put in long after you leave a session.

And before you know it, you’ll be back for more.

4.20pm - 4.50pm    TABATA™ CYCLE (








Indoor Cycling – it’s how Tabata™ was born, tested, and proven in the Lab.

The authenticity and athleticism behind the 4 minute protocol is how results are not only made, but also guaranteed.

In every Tabata™ Cycle – Powered By ICG® session, you’ll start with a surge of movement, music and unrivalled motivation – every pedal stroke gearing you to rush to your max during the 4 minute Tabata™ protocol. After you’ve gone all out, you’ll ride for strength and recovery to a sequence of movements that bring your heart rate back down while receiving maximal tone, strength and conditioning.



These master sessions will be delivered by the top TABATA master trainers, the first time they will all be together in one place in Ireland, these sessions should not be missed.

Richard Scrivener

Tabata™Body Master Trainer, consultant trainer for Tabata®, health, fitness and nutrition educator, personal trainer, and strength & conditioning coach.




Emma Burrows

Tabata™ Body Master Trainer, fitness champion, elite personal trainer, fitness competitor coach, presenter, and model.







Laura Sherriff

Tabata™Body Master Trainer, presenter, personal trainer, kids fitness specialist, and model.





Jennifer Wilson

Tabata™Cycle Master Trainer, product specialist for ICG®, health and fitness educator, personal trainer, freelance fitness instructor, and NLP coach.











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