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REPs Ireland is a member of ICREPs

ICREPs is the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals

This is a mechanism by which National REPs recognise exercise professionals who may transfer from another National REPs.

If a REPs Ireland Exercise Professional moves to another country to seek employment, they should register with that countries own National REPs register. This will be faciltated by a 'Letter of Portability' that can be requested from the REPs Ireland office.

Listed below are current members of ICREPs

Confederation Members


NFLA logo     nz sa REPs Uae REPS UK





South Africa


United Kingdom


For REPs Ireland Exercise Professionals who wish to travel gain employment within Europe, EREPs is a Pan-European register that facilitates this movement.

REPs Ireland is the Irish National register that EHFA/EREPs is aligned with.

All REPs Ireland exercise professionals are regestired as part of EREPs and can gain access to employment throughout Europe as part of the EREPs register.

All REPs Ireland approved education providers are recognised by EREPs as approved providers and are listed on the EREPs website.

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