Registration Instructions

Accessing the Register

REPs Ireland automatically accepts applications from individuals to access the National Register for Exercise Professionals if they have received their qualification(s) through Training Providers who have been audited by REPs Ireland. To check what Training Providers would allow you to access the register please Directory of Training Providers. Membership is priced at €65 and must be renewed annually.


Please note: REPS Ireland Membership is subject to having insurance cover in place. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure insurance cover is applicable to both the qualification(s) and the type of REPs membership being applied for. If you have your own insurance cover or are covered by their employer’s policy, then you will be asked to upload proof of same during the registration process.

If you do not have insurance, you can purchase it through our partner Insurance Group at a discounted rate of €105. In order to avail of discounted insurance, you must apply for membership with REPs Ireland through the online registration process using link below. Please note purchasing insurance through our partner Insurance Group may take up to 48 hours to be processed. Once you received you certificate of insurance this needs to be forward to REPs Ireland at to activate your membership.

Other Qualifications

Subject to qualifications, competencies and/or industry experience, REPs Ireland may also accept applications from individuals who have received qualifications (1) in a country that has no National Register, (2) from a Irish Training Provider not audited by REPs Ireland or (3) has received qualifications in a country from one of our ‘National Register Partners’.


I declare that I hold the appropriate qualification certificate(s) and hold the insurance cover or have for each category I have applied for with REPs Ireland. I have not withheld or misrepresented any material fact.

REPs Ireland Approved Training Providers

Click the link below to complete the online application if you hold a qualification from one of the REPs Ireland Approved Training Providers.

Qualifications from National Register Partners

You wish to join REPs Ireland because:

  • You are currently a member of a National Register Partner.
  • You hold a Letter of Portability from a National Register Partner.

We ask that you email details of your fitness qualifications including all continuous professional development completed since you qualified. You also need to provide clear and concise details on your industry experience including but not limited to:

  • Up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers (dated, signed and on headed paper).
  • Copies of all qualification and translated into English if in a different language.

This information will be assessed, and we will recommend if you should make a full application or if you need to apply through a separate process called the Non-Standard Application.

Click the link below to send details.

Qualifications from non-approved Irish Training Providers or countries that do not currently have a National Register

This process requires an assessment of your qualifications and competencies to ensure you meet the standard to access the National Register for Fitness Professionals in Ireland. The process costs €50 for an assessment of your qualification and if deemed necessary a practical exam will take place with a REPs Ireland External Verifier. The cost of a practical assessment is €100.

To commence your assessment, we ask that you contact the office to make the initial payment of €50 and an assessment of your qualifications will be completed if deemed necessary. Payment for the practical assessment must be paid in advance before a date will be scheduled. The outcome of the assessment process may be to admit you to the National Register for Fitness Professional in Ireland, or your application may be unsuccessful. There is no appeal concerning the final decision.

If you wish to proceed you can call the REPs Ireland office on 01-6251192