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Qualified as: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor
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About Me:


Gemma has a distinguished career as a health and fitness specialist. Currently is the CEO and founder of Circ Fitness Ireland. Previously, had been a Head Coach in many Fitness & Clinical Rehabilitation Centers in the USA and Canada. She had traveled to countries like Australia, Canada, Spain, and the USA, working as a health and fitness coach. Gemma has quite an array of backgrounds, having worked with children, active aging, holistic recovery, and athletes.


Gemma Habington is the founder and CEO of Circ Fitness Ireland. Gemma has a wide range of knowledge on health and wellness, and also with a unique style of training. She has put together, a studio which uses the top-quality and highly functional strength and conditioning equipment. Her mission is to help individuals move more, better, and longer with a unique and inventive way she has discovered. Creating a platform for and helping people to stay on track of their fitness and health goals.
Gemma began to have a passion for health and fitness at a very tender age while learning the art of dance. Her love for movement and performing came naturally.
Gemma trained in various styles of dances, also had the opportunity to train with the Irish Burlesque Academy, Ireland. This was the highest of motivation in her love for performance, as it caught her imagination and decided to remain involved, to develop a flair for movement.
Always learning and discovering forms of movements and practicing in different countries,
Gemma is trained in various disciplines, such as calisthenics, aerial arts, yoga, gymnastics, burlesque, capoeira, and martial arts.
Gemma’s favorite ways of movements are aerial art, martial art, and calisthenics.

Gemma is a top fitness expert as she is always learning, extending her knowledge, giving her the opportunity of working in various backgrounds; like Holistic Recovery, Clinical Health care, Fitness and Health while she worked with children, special needs, active aging, and athletes.
She has trained in many disciplines, such as calisthenics, aerial arts, yoga, gymnastics, burlesque, capoeira, and martial arts.
Never leaving gaps in her learning Gemma holds several qualifications.
Diploma in Personal Training/Group Fitness from Image Fitness Limited,
Diploma in Teaching, Training & Assessing Learners from Galligan Group,
Diploma in Holistic Health Therapy from the Irish Academy of Massage,

Certified IN:
Strength and Conditioning
Clinical Yoga

Work Experience:

5 - 6 years

Hourly Rate:

40 to 50

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